2017 Renault Alaskan Review


For those of you who didn’t know Renault is from France. Japanese car manufacturer Nissan is also involved in this story for creating this specific model. If you thought what a combination, wait, that is not all. German company Daimler has made a contract with Renault to join these 2 great teams. This is going to be interesting. It is going to be a pickup truck type of vehicle. Nissan is, by the way, world famous for producing trucks so they know their job very well. The Nissan Navara concept will be used in the production of the 2017 Renault Alaskan.

Exterior Design

The exterior should be updated with 21 inch wheels. For better view and safer ride, LED lamps are integrated on the front and in the back of the Renault Alaskan. Metal is used to make some details and for its shiny looks it has been polished and processed. You can also see that satin paintjob was done here. Some of the main characteristic that other Renault models have should probably be copied on this car. The roof can also be used to transport much heavy stuff.

Interior Style

Five people will be able to enjoy many benefits in this car at the same time. The large screen is placed in the center. Leather materials and carbon fiber should be used to cover the seats and the steering wheel and the choice of colors will be wide. Safety features will certainly be on the top of the game.

2017 Renault Alaskan Engine Specs

No one has mentioned gasoline engines so you can be sure that only diesel type of engines will be used to empower this beast. There are 2 main options for the engines that will arrive with Renault Alaskan and those are the twin turbo diesel with 163 hp and a displacement of 2.3l and the 2nd that is very often mentioned is the 2.5-liter four-cylinder diesel making 160 or 190 horsepower.

2017 Renault Alaskan Price and Release Date

We shouldn’t have to wait long, because most chances are that in the first quarter of this year this car should hit the market. The official price is not mansind by Renault, but we can expect that it will be something around $35,000, because they wanna keep it around main competitors Ford Ranger, and Toyota Tacoma.

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